Monday, January 2, 2012

And so the new year began.

Over the holiday break Lifetime showed 'Julie & Julia'. For a while I've been waiting for it to ship from the Netflix DvD Queue, but Lifetime came up quicker. This is one of my new favorite female lead stores. Julie Powell reminded me how a blog should be written. It's a story of what a person does with real focus out there for everyone. I have a focus, but it's lately been a somewhat flashy collection of fluffy yum yums and sheep, or another shop blog trying to push product. This is not what this blog is supposed to be. I want this blog to be more meaningful and enriching. Thank you for the major redirect, Julie!

I'm stepping it up a notch to bring in all sorts of fiber arts. Being a full time fiber artist is going to be great!! Let's bring on the tutorials, experiments, works in progress, and finished objects. I'll be keeping the fluff, but adding pizazz!

Wednesday, will be the first tutorial of the new year. I'll be showing everyone how to make these cute gift tags for writing down care instructions for handmade items.

Have a fantastic day!

Edited to add: Please visit my ravelry group to help plan March's twitter party! 

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