Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Works in Progress: Sheep Note Cards

In November, I was asked to create a graphic for a Wellness Club. They would need this at varying sizes for different projects, etc. Rather than using Photoshop, I opted for using Illustrator. My knowledge of Illustrator wasn't the best in the world then, but youtube has everything. I found an awesome tutorial, which talks about how to draw cartoons with Illustrator. DavinDaGeek is a fantastic guy.

It turned out like this:

Shortly after came the birth of a new idea, sheep. Not just any sheep, but my drawn sheep. I could take my sketchbook drawings and give them life with Illustrator. Doing this would relieve me from the tedious task of drawing every single product tag. So, I started drawing.

As I drew, this became better than a sheep for product tag. This lady needed her own stage as big as she is. Cafepress is the place to do this. She and six other lovely ladies will get their own notecard in a twelve or twenty-four piece set. They'll be wonderful to have at shows, and send to friends. It'll be even better to have this in a portfolio.

The coloration is not finished. I needed something visible for the wool and face. Her "bling"will be pretty fun to experiment with. It may require some jewelry store visits to get the gems just right. ;) This week while I am babysitting this ewe will give my idle hands something to do. Hopefully, she will be done next week.


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