Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Common Questions

At spinning demonstrations, fairs, and even at the coffee shop people ask, "Why spin your own yarn when you can buy it at the store?" At first I felt belittled and offended by this question. Now, it just comes with the territory. Also, I feel more empowered to answer this questioned in a very upbeat and positive sense. 

The first response is, I have total and complete over my final product. Whereas, commercial yarn does not offer an explanation of how the yarn was spun. It is important to have that information when designing a custom piece for your loved ones and customers. In addition, my products are therefore unique or one of a kind items. They are in their own form a piece of art. 

Secondly, I can ensure that my product is 100% made in the USA. Acrylic is no longer manufactured in the USA, yet is the most readily available commercial yarn on the market. There are many local shepherds in our area that wish to sell their wool. I am more than happy to take it off their hands, wash it, card it, spin it, knit it, and wear it or sell it for a 100% USA item. It gives me great pleasure to create such a one of a kind item. 

Furthermore, my art is completely independent of electricity and petroleum. Lanolin from poor spinning quality fleeces can be extracted and used to oil my wheel. If it comes down to it, dyeing can be done with the heat of the sun and canning jars. Whereas, commercial yarn is done by machines that require electricity and petroleum products. Synthetic fibers like polyester are made with petroleum resins. Chemicals used to make such synthetic yarns are toxic. Check out these two links Six Wise and Green Living. So, even though it may be cheaper, it isn't worth the trade off of illness. 

With all of this being said, why would I want to go to the store when I can do it for 100% control, 100% creativity, 100% energy independence, and being 100% made in the USA?

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