Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I've been trying to start a craft-a-long and twitter party, but have received no response from several people. *sigh* So, for now I'm going to post pone this event until later. It just has to be done. Perhaps after getting back into the Phat Fiber Box will increase the traffic and the event will take off.

Right now things are very stagnant. I feel like there is a stalemate going on with so many things. My life is very boring without a lot of social interaction outside the house. Yet, at the same time, I really like being at home. Thankfully there are some great knitting groups in the area. Today at the Holy Communion Episcopal Church of Lake Geneva, WI, is having their knitting group at 10 a.m. Thursday, there is a charity knitting group at Caribou Coffee in Lake Geneva. Also, Thursdays I am at Llama Dreams Farm knitting or spinning with my Aunt Kathy. First and third Wednesdays there is a group of ladies that meet at The Creative Shops of Delavan, which is the old Ben Franklin.

Speaking of The Creative Shops of Delavan, I had my meeting with the owner about purchasing some of my merchandise at wholesale last week. There is good news and not so good news, but I wouldn't call it bad either. We need to work a customer base into the store. I know there are a lot of people out there who want to have the better quality and handmade yarns, but we need to get them into the store and know it is there. The other thing is education, which means I get to teach classes! Hurray! Our plan is to start teaching classes on all the things we can do with my yarn and fibers, then we can start selling my yarn and fibers. We also discussed having enough yarn in one colorway for larger projects. Over the next few weeks I'm going to try and produce 8 ounces of yarn in a single colorway. In a few more weeks I am going to purchase some yarn to dye just for this shop. Even though it wasn't a direct yes and purchase, there was a lot of fantastic feedback and plans made. Now, I'm waiting for their class scheduler to call me to schedule a class.

My goals for the rest of this month:

  • finish spinning a 2 ounce Cormo & Red Satin Angora batt (lace weight!)
  • finish knitting mug hugs for sale at the Craft and Shopping Expo this weekend
  • finish writing a spinning tutorial for bulky chunky yarn
  • write the knitting patter that goes with that bulky chunky yarn
My goals for March: 
  • finish anything from February's list
  • work on my sheep notecards (almost done! shading & highlights!)
  • finish cowl & fingerless gloves for Debbie
  • start a commission from Jodi
  • teach a drop spindle class
  • teach a needle felting class
  • write another pattern 
  • spin 8 ounces of a couple of colors (mainly of my stash)
  • spin ecru wool for dyeing
  • card batts
  • 3 shop updates (yarn, combed top, and batts)
They aren't overly extensive goals, but they'll be enough to keep me busy. ^_^ 
What are your goals for next month?? What are you finishing for this month? 

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