Friday, May 25, 2012

Bawk bawk bawk Wok!

Other than fiber arts there is a lot going on this summer. It's that time of year when Dad and Deb buy meat chickens. We've had these guys close to two weeks. Since then they've doubled in size. It's quite extraordinary, too. There are about 18 of these guys walking around the coop. They used to run from the kennel door, but now they are quite content wherever they land. This weekend it's time to extend the kennel out so they have enough space to grow. 

Here is dinner, lunch, supper, brunch, breakfast, midnight snack and elevensies.
We treat these guys humanely and feed them well. I'd love to get a tractor for them, but Dad and Deb do not want the field champion dogs to eat their poop. It might be better for us and the chickens, but dogs come first. Anyways, it's another six short weeks before these little guys go to slaughter.

In the time to come I hope to show more pictures of these guys prior to the slaughter.

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