Monday, June 25, 2012

Checking in

Lately I've been rather busy. Sunday starts with church and ends with exhaustion after a usually warm farmers market. Every other Sunday I make dinner. Often after the market I am doing other outdoor chores. Monday isn't especially busy, but having Stephanie home makes up for that. I've been trying to come up with designs for a few new products. Tuesday have been days with Peter because they are usually his only day off we have time together. Last week my step-mother took Peter, Stephanie, Izzy and myself to Bong State Park. We had a total blast! Izzy learned the hard way that there were fish in the pond we swam in. One ran right into her. Peter had to relearn to keep moving in the water to keep the fish away. Stephanie is getting better at swimming. Wednesdays are usually work days at the church for the flea market. Afterwards it's outdoor chores. Thursdays have been knitting days with Momma E and Aunt Kathy, but became dedicated to the shop while Peter was working. Recently they have been taken over by the flea market work days and outdoor chores. I'm hoping to get to knitting this week. Friday is time for Bible study and other chores. Saturday is filled with all sorts of doings that are sometimes chore related and sometimes getting other work done. Soon they will be another market day at the Burlington Garden Center.

Peter's schedule is changing again this week. It's the better part of the week, but it means getting used to it again. The best thing about this schedule change is being able to go to Thursday night knitting again.

Last week I was supposed to take the children to see my mother. They were going to see Mr. Poppers Penguins at the Woodstock Theater for $1/person. (Note the word 'were'.) My sister didn't have her vehicle nor Isabella's car seat. So, that was canceled. While waiting to figure out that everything was canceled and my mother-in-law driving up to take Steph overnight I finished reading the Vampire Armand by Anne Rice. That is book number 3 out of 12 on the book challenge. The other two were Spinning: Beyond the Basics by Anne Field and Color in Spinning by Deb Menz. I recently started reading All Wound Up by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. She is a hoot! Her humor is right up my alley and closely seated next to me. Sometimes we have the exact trains of thought.

Saturday I spent some quality time with Carissa of Bumblebee Acres and her family at the Woodstock Farmers Market. It was a great time. She finally was awarded her birthday prizes. We sat down to spin, but she forgot her bobbins. It is so devastating to realize you forgot the one thing you cannot spin without. It's like loosing your first born in a store before clerks brings him or her to the service desk. The lack of bobbins did not prevent me from spinning up the BFL/Silk blend from Cloudlover named Juke Joint. We sat and talked for a good long time. It was refreshing and something we both needed for a while. Stephanie and Peter wound up buying two new books at the used book store in the square mall. After the market we went home to rest up from being in the hot hot sun.

This week looks to be a bit calmer than the last two. It means there is time dedicated to finish this pair of fingerless gloves for a friend. She is trading me massage time for them. It's an awesome trade.

Today I spent the morning talking with our accountant, chatting with friends, watching pheasants hatch, knitting, and hanging out with our outdoor cat. Bailey is a smart cat that can make it back from all sorts of jams. We hadn't seen him for almost a week before he trotted on home. (Yes, I know it is the time of year where the cats mate like rabbits, but it's nice to know he's alive.) We spent some time just laying in the sun. Afterward we went to sit in the swing. Rather than hopping in the swing, which I think he is deathly afraid of and have the scratches to prove it, he plopped down in the chimera.

Bailey is one adorable cat.
So, that leads me to typing this post.

Although the weather has improved from the sticky hot and humid week before, we still haven't seen a whole lot of rain this season. The last time it rained was June 16th. We need it. Please, pray for rain. This week we are expected to reach the 100 degree mark. I am dreading that day. My sister wants to take the kids to the zoo. She is totally nuts! I think we should go to her house and hang out in the pool, but that is just me. If anything I'll be driving out to see Momma E and Aunt Kathy. Even then the day will be maddening in a car without air conditioning.

For now, I bid everyone adieu. It is time to knit. Have a good afternoon!

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