Friday, June 1, 2012

Ohio Road Trip: Genoa, OH Milestone– Part II

I finally downloaded the BoggleDroid app. I can only play Angry Birds in the car for so long before my cerebellum becomes severely disoriented. Sever to the point in which motion sickness sets in. Thank you, Garbage Collector!

We gassed up in Lake Geneva, WI around 5 a.m.  Our second tank of gas was filled in Genoa, OH. Fred is getting amazing gas mileage for her age(330 mi/10 gal=33mpg)!  Right now Fred is getting the same range of gas mileage as my father’s 4-year-old Honda Civic. Winifred is my 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier. We’ve taken round trips from Hebron, IL, to San Diego, CA, to Portland, Or. Our travels have also taken us from Home to Ohio, Iowa, and Northern Wisconsin. She’s been my companion all of her years and hopefully many more years to come.

I’m grateful that my reasoning skills and delayed curiosity has improved with age. There were four Amish girls at the rest stop. I was about to ask them what reenactment they were going to. * face palm *  Wouldn’t that be special? Yeah, okay, not really. 

We’re hoping to put off lunch until Cleveland, but we’ll see. There are plenty of snacks in the back seat. At the store I found this stuff called Buddy Fruits. They are pouches contains 100% blended fruit and nothing else. It’s perfect for our travels and no soy! One pouch is considered one serving of fruit. This is one of the ways we are getting our healthy foods in on the trip. The other is drinking V8 Fusion. They make two flavors in a can, Pomegranate Blueberry and Strawberry Banana.

Yay! Only 53 miles more until we get to Cleveland! I have only one gripe about this part of the toll way, construction! They have those huge barriers up and it’s raining. I get extremely anxious when Peter drives in the left lane next to the barriers. What makes matters worse is when he goes to grab his iPod rather than just asking me to do it.  I’d prefer he has undivided attention on the road. Two hands on the wheel in this crap would also help decrease my anxiety. And, yes, I have asked told him so several times in the past and now. He replies, “Then you drive!” Ugh! That is my cue to play Boggle and ignore the things going on around me.


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