Friday, May 7, 2010

Sleeping In

Hooray for sleep! Three cheers for sleeping in until 1 pm. What no cheers? For the past couple of weeks sleep has been a precious comodity around my apartment. Our neighbor's one year old is still not sleeping through the night. People tell me every child is different. My niece slept through the night by about 7 or 8 months old and so did I. My sister took a little bit longer, but not by much. Peter slept throught the night around the same time as we did. Stephanie even slept through the night before one year. So it's rather aggravating. More so aggravating because other people's children should not be keeping me up at night. Due to that Photos Firday has been canceled. Our living room has been converted into our second bedroom and is in need of some serious cleaning. Right now we need to vacuum and organize. :) 

We're also getting ready for a second and even larger Beltane celebration. Children are not allowed so I can be as tipsy or bubbly as can be. It's been a while and I love mead. It'll have to wait until after the spinning demonstration. We are also selling some handspun yarn and handpainted roving there. 

Today I purchased some unfinished top whorl drop spindles. Within the next month or so I am going to start offering drop spindle kits. It'll be a spindle and 6 oz of fiber broken up into 3-2 ounce bundles. It'll be a sampler of the different wools I carry. The kit will also give a set of instructions and a link to a great group of instructional videos. They'll probably be left unfinished so that everyone can customize their own drop spindle, but Peter might take a couple and decorate and stain them. 

In a few weeks I am going to be working out some business credit lines. This way I can purchase more wool, dyes and other supplies. The biggest thing to come out of this whole venture is the umbrella for all of my little etsy shops, etc. It is LMS Studios. LylianMae Fiber Artistry will be a division of the LMS Studios (Soon to be LLC). Then if I decide to sell ceramics, art, jewelry, etc. later on that can be another division of LMS Studios. Everything covered under LMS Studios will be anything studio art. For instance, I have mugs that were purchased at the Dollar Tree and decorated with Porcelane markers. That would fall under a new branch of the umbrella. Eventually it will happen, but not certain when. Single drop spindles will be another branch. 

Congratulations to mamatwitch! She won the raffle for a Bee Bar from Honey House. The poll closed and Lavender is the herb of choice for the new Reiki distance healing dolls. :) There will be a new poll up later this week. 

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