Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I feel


Last night I started knitting the brim of the Long-eared Cabled Beanie. Now it is looking like a hat! Also, during the boredom I pulled out Peter's jewelry making tools and the wire we bought me for orifice hooks. There are three pretty little orifice hooks sitting on my living room table. I may or may not list them as they are beginning pieces. If they aren't listed then they will be part of a roving give-away. :) Drop spindle or orifice hook.

Speaking of give-aways I've got some great ideas and soon there will be some on my shop. Not quite sure what just yet. First I need more people following my blog. Guess that just means more for those who do.

Today I was able to cash in my CD and tucked it away for another day. Afterwards I went to visit Mom and Izzy. Mom got in the Avon things I ordered from her site. That is some awesome stuff. The best thing is the 3-in-1 cardigan. Just wish it came in other colors. That's okay because I will work out a knitting pattern for it soon enough.

Next, we all dropped off my car at the service center and picked up my fiance's kid. We went shopping and even ate out at Wendy's. Thankfully Wendy's has some really good salads and chicken nuggets for the kids. Now here is the kicker, I ran into the person that drives this older Ford hatch back stuffed to the brim with garbage. The person that drives down McConnell at about 35 mph the whole way (55 to 45 to 35 to 30) and swerves all over the place with her blinkers on. It's really a pain in the butt because it is a road you cannot pass people on. It doesn't help that she swerves all over the road. It's another overly elderly person that really should not be driving. Yeah, glad I wasn't trying to get home or anywhere down that road after we picked up my car.

Before heading home I went to the auto parts store to pick up new brake pads, rotors, fuel injector cleaner and gojo. Peter will be taking my car to do laundry probably on Friday. :) Then he can get my brakes done, too. Hooray. The only thing that hasn't gotten done is the fuel filter, which the guy at the service center looks good. On the down side if it does have to be changed, we have to replace the fuel injector hose/pipe and fuel filter because they have rusted together. The one thing I forgot to buy were spark plug wires, but Peter needs to check those prior to getting them. That might be why the check engine light is on. He's gotta go with me to check on the fuse for the transmission/dash lights. I cannot see at night what I'm shifting into. Everytime it's a counting game. (First is park, second is reverse, third is neutral and fourth is drive)

Mom took Stephanie with her. We're going to go out and run some errands in McHenry after my sister gets home. Mom needs to return some shoes at Meijer. I have to stop at the bank and deposit money to pay my credit card from when I bought the wheel. That money was wheel money before and the credit card helped me get it sooner rather than later. :) Also, I have to pay Cloudlover for some wool she's dyeing this weekend. We need to stop at Michael's to pick up yarn for Grandma. I'll probably pick up some felting goods and crochet stuff. There are some neat little jewelry ideas in Bella Armoire Jewelry this month and they are of fibery goodness!

Take care!

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