Sunday, June 20, 2010

Collaboration UPdate

It's an update because things are moving upward and onward! Today the lovely and amazing Holly P. sent me an awesome convo on etsy. It's pictures of the much awaited and not so debated collaboration project of Triumph.
For those of you who don't remember what Triumph is here is a picture of that delicious Polwarth yarn. :D It's a navajo-plied worsted weight yarn. When knitted it's truly an amazing bit of work. The pattern Holly is creating is truly divine and shows every little flair of color. You can get updates straight from her blog, too.

The next project has been creating a sampler pack of handspun yarn for Dale of The Light Brown Hare. She is promoting her shop via blog give-aways. This month she has a coupon for a free Ben & Jerry's pint. How awesome is that now summer has finally decided to make an appearance, take off her coat and stay a while? Soon she'll be giving away my sampler pack. Here is a sneak peak of that sampler:

Every hank is of DK weight and approximately 40 yards. I'd love to spoil the surprise as to the fiber content, but that's the fun of a sampler pack. However, the full sampler pack includes these three hanks, three buttons, 10 random bags of tea and a pattern.

I hope this leaves you salivating for more. Just think after this give-away has finished some of these kits will be available in the shop. :) With July coming up I want to assure everyone that there will be something coming. That something...let's just say a major handspun yarn update is in order. I've dwelved into the mistifying art of scrap inclusions and came up head first into the realm of awesomness. These enchanted art yarns are seductive and full of the fun you need in the dog days of summer.

Let the creative juices keep on flowing!

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