Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today was a rather busy day. I spent a good lot of it at the church working on the flea market events. Afterward it was straight to the garden to work. Unfortunately there is much more do be done, but so much has already been done.

Today's plantings:

  • 2 varieties of tomatoes (12 total)
  • 2 varieties of peppers (16 total)
  • 3 varieties of lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Kohlrabi
  • Bird house gourds
The giant pumpkins are starting to come up out of the ground. I found one. This will be a good thing because the kids will have so much fun with them. The fingerling potatoes are growing well, which is awesome!!! The onions are growing. They'd grow better if some cat didn't like to roll around in the mulch! LOL I love that cat. Some of what I transplanted earlier died. However, I've got a new plan for the lettuce. I'll need some poles, a hose, wood and some tools. Since it's one of those things you need to keep watered and not so hot sun, that with the weed tarp will make for an irrigated cool tunnel. We have to buy some tomato cages, but other than that...woohoo! There is a whole other half of the garden left. I'm hoping to get some flowers in there for cutting and one row of peas. 

My glutes, quads, hips, knees and back are so sore from it. Thankfully there is a yoga mat present and some open space. With some good stretches life will be well again. 

Until a dye day tomorrow, it's time to relax. 


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Iesadora said...

Bird house gourds are really neat! I'd never heard of them till a couple of months ago when I saw them on Listia.

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