Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bummed, but not defeated

Good morning, everyone. It is unfortunate and displeasing to note that I have dropped out of the Tour de Fleece. It is to no one's fault, but my own. I've over booked myself, which means dates with my Kromski Sonata are suffering. She sits in her case at the foot of the bed all folded up with some fiber I was meaning to spin into a 3-ply sock yarn. Seeing her sitting there at night evokes the feelings of the spouse who continually comes home late from work and never calls. I wonder if she thinks that I'm cheating on her. If so, it is only for a short period of time.

This past Monday began a new era in my education. I am going back to school, again. This time it is for a Bachelor's of Business Administration specializing in Marketing at American InterContinental University Online. Each class is five weeks long. There is a paper due every week by Sunday and discussion board posts throughout the week. I'm also learning to write in the APA style, which is a little tougher than MLA to grasp. Then again MLA style has been beat into the children of Alden-Hebron High School since the fifth grade.

Overbooking is the mother of all my problems.  I am responsible for the following things: cooking three to four days per week, cleaning, weeding, watching my stepdaughter, chair of the church's monthly flea market, attending confirmation classes, occasionally watching dogs, and my business. It's a bit on my plate. Now, let's add everything for just this week alone. My sister-in-law had knee replacement surgery on her left knee, which resulted in being at the hospital for a while on Monday. Courses started on Monday as well. Co-chairs need to be assigned and money deposited for the flea market. Last night we had our confirmation classes. This weekend we are driving up to Steven's Point, WI, to visit my uncle and his girlfriend. Also, we are taking my niece, Izzy, with us because she rarely gets to see Uncle Glen. Keeping in mind that Peter has been working his normal four day and twelve hour shifts plus two more nights just to be back again on Sunday for another three day work week. Yes, the pay check will be fantastic, but I need him here to deal with his child when I'm trying to do school work. There are a lot of things left to get done before Friday afternoon, including laundry.

This blog and the studio are sitting unattended. It adds to the depression. Right now I find it hard to work down in the basement because it is a mess. Peter thinks it's a catch all for the things he doesn't want to look at or put back in the barn. I had to rearrange down there because my parents decided they were going to get a larger freezer. They decided against it in the last few days. Due to lack of time or Peter asleep during the day I have not had a chance to get in there to organize everything. Very soon there will be a mad destash of all sorts of things that I do not use regularly. It's either that or I need to get crafting.

After this weekend I can start to plan some quality spinning time with my gal. The studio will be organized and perhaps even ready to work in. Next Friday, Stephanie leaves for Ohio. There will be one responsibility gone for a time. Duties in the garden and flower beds will still be there, but at least they will be winding down as fall comes into play. Maybe, just maybe, old girl and I can work out an arrangement to be together in the fall and winter. Then she can have some rest and my garden can be my summer lover.

Depending on how school goes, I may have to tone down some of the voluntary things going on. We'll see. I am hopeful that it will not be anything to do with the studio or this blog. Where there may be less postings, at least they will be long and more meaningful posts.

Ta ta for now!

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