Saturday, July 7, 2012

Learning the hard way

Recently I made a floral arrangement for the church with some roadside blooms. The plants included were Ragweed, Queen Anne's Lace, Clover, Chicory, Cat Tails and some yellow flowering plant. This yellow flowering looking plant looked so cool. It would be great filler! Little did I know this little flowering plant was Wild Parsnip!! Yikes!

Shortly after I realized there was a burn on my left hand. I kept trying to figure out where in the heck it came from because I don't remember burning myself. Then my father tells me that yellow plant is Wild Parsnip. He had been clearing out a thicket to be burned by it last year. Wild Parsnip creates a chemical burn, which is quite nasty. Dad gave me some good instructions to get it healed. I've been wearing a band-aid on it when in the sun. Every now and then Calamine lotion and Hydrocortisone is applied to the spot. Thus far it is healing up pretty well.  

It has not hindered my spinning or knitting. Thank God for that one. I'd probably go insane without them. Today I hope to finish the third bobbin and start plying. We may be going to my sisters to swim in her pool. It seems like a good day to do that. Also, I miss my sister and her kids. Maybe we'll get a pic taken of all of us for the blog.

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