Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Long awaited Update

Hello, everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that progress is being made. The vision is insight and the mission set. The mission is to provide quality fiber arts supplies for artists seeking to reclaim the aesthetics of simpler times. Now, I have to decide on whether to keep the name LMS Studio Arts or switch to another name. The debate rests in keeping the name, but I definitely want to keep the other debated name. At least there is an email, etsy, and other social media outlets already assigned to it just in case I decide to do something different. I feel that LMS Studio Arts doesn't truly describe exactly what I am doing. So, perhaps the best concept is to keep the name but do a DBA (doing business as) to cut down on paper work. This way the new name would be a subsidiary of LMS Studio Arts.

Either way there are definitely ways around everything. On the bright side of things I've already got the new line planned. I hope to launch the new line for the 2013 Spring/Summer season. There will be six colorways in two different fibers and two different yarns. All colorways will be repeatable. Wool will be available by the ounce. This way felting gurus are not left out. In addition, I am going to create patterns with my new lines of handpainted yarns. Patterns and finished objects will be available for purchase. There will be no more handspun yarns in stock. All of my handspun is available at Knits 'N Kits of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. However, I will accept custom spinning orders. Secondly, I'm returning and staying at Etsy. Having a small budget requires hosting my items at a place with a lot of foot traffic and cheaper advertising costs. For the $.20 + 3.5% commission, it's a good deal. Where having the SupaDupa site is great for no fees, I have to pay more to advertise my site.

I will keep up my contributions to the Phat Fiber Sampler Box. Hence the reason to have six different colorways.

One downer in this whole situation is in regards to my blog. This will no longer be playing host to my blog and studio site. I'll be moving over to WordPress. However, I will keep this one available for tutorials and other information. I hope to keep some of the fun sheep finds to the facebook page. This is in hopes that you share all the funnies I find with your friends. :)

The biggest obstacle is coming up with unique, yet inexpensive packaging that is like opening a gift. I want all of my packaging to come from eco-friendly and self-sustainable resources. Hence the purchases of muslin and burlap I've made. Yarn and wool is difficult to package in a creative way, but I'm working on it. :)

I cannot wait until this spring!

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